Empowering Students

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What is CYC?

Claim Your Campus is encouraging, equipping & uniting middle school & high school students to pray for change once a week on their campus.
Our strategy:
Encourage students to organize five weekly prayer groups (one per school day)
Our mission:
Equip one million students to pray (15 per campus on 67,000 campuses)
Our vision:
Unite this generation for prayer and change

How is CYC growing?

In our first five years CYC has been presented in person to over 250,000 students at events across the US and has trained over 10,000 students how to be a part of the CYC movement. We estimate that there are over 30,000 students actively involved in CYC at their school.












What does the app do?

  • There are a multitude of features to this multi-functional, yet intuitive and easy to use app. Here are some highlights.
  • It will allow students to register themselves, their prayer group & their campus.
  • It will teach them about prayer.
  • It will guide them through their group prayer time.
  • It will remind them of things, like when their prayer day is coming up.


  • It will explain to them how to launch an organized, sustainable prayer movement on their campus.
  • It will empower them to recruit their peers to be a part of the movement.
  • It will educate them how to surround themselves with caring adults to encourage them.
  • It will connect them to communicate with students praying on their campus.
  • It will inform them of what their peers feel are the major issues facing their school.
  • It will update them how the prayer movement is growing at their school & across the country, linking them to the larger movement.
  • It will give them a platform to share their campus prayer story.


Download the app for free on iOS or Android.