A nationwide gathering that will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Today’s students need a pivotal moment to reconnect with God.

On July 4, 2020, students and adults from 10,000 middle and high schools will gather together in LaCygne, Kansas—the most central location to every school in the United States. Between powerful speakers and notable bands like For King & Country, the weekend will be full of unforgettable experiences.





We’re gathering 10,000 school groups from across the nation. This is our moment.

Claim Your Campus 2020 will unite, connect, and train thousands of students from high schools all over the nation to enact change in their schools—and ultimately, their communities—through prayer.


Claim Your Campus 2020 will equip students to advance the Gospel on their campus.

Through prayer, worship, and teaching, Claim Your Campus 2020 will equip students with the tools they’ll need to connect with their campus, community, and nation.




A new generation transformed in Christ can alter the future of faith.

After the event, students will be positioned to impact the future of our nation. By 2023, these students will fulfill the vision of uniting one million students in weekly prayer at every school in the United States.

Using the Claim Your Campus daily prayer app, students will be equipped to take part in our nationwide prayer movement.




Adults like you play a crucial role in Claim Your Campus 2020.

In fact, without you, this event wouldn’t be possible. As an Adult Advocate for a school of your choice, you’ll provide a foundation for Claim Your Campus 2020 and help pass on a legacy of faith to the next generation.

Register for CYC2020 Now

To become an advocate, take these three steps:

Register: Reserve a space for a school you care about, ensuring students have the opportunity to attend this historic event.

Pray: Join thousands of other adults in praying for their schools.

Invite: Get the word out to your friends and your school through an Advocate Tool Kit, which we’ll provide for you.