Empowering students

CYC works through students. When a student is passionate to change their school CYC empowers them to begin praying for the change to take place. At CYC we believe prayer = change. Through the CYC app students can see what days of the week already have a group started that they can join or what days don’t have groups so they can begin their own. CYC is simply one group of students for each day of the week. Monday – Friday, meeting to pray for their school.


What is CYC?

CYC is short for Claim Your Campus.  It is students meeting for prayer at their school on a regular basis throughout the school year.  The goal of CYC is to have students praying every day on every high school and middle school campus in America.  CYC is not affiliated with a certain group or denomination and welcomes all Christ followers from any church, background, or culture.  CYC seeks to unite Christian students of all kinds and from all backgrounds in praying for their schools.


Start the change

It will only take one person to start a CYC group at your school! That person simply opens the CYC app, registers themselves and chooses an available day during the week to begin meeting. To start strong, the person who wants to start the group should find two people to start the group with them. This gives the group a core from the beginning.




Keep it going

Use the CYC app for iOS and Android.

The app gives structure to the group by leading the group through their prayer time. By following along with the prayer day outline, your group will be praying the same strategies as students throughout the country!

Communicate and connect with your group.

The app allows the group to stay informed about meeting place and times. Through the group message feature everyone will know about potential changes ahead of time.

Find an adult sponsor for your day of the week.

An adult sponsor is there to encourage the group. The adult doesn’t come to the prayer group, but they are logged into the app and can communicate with the group.  This allows the adult to help the group through any potential problems and to pray alongside the group from wherever they are.

The adult sponsor can be anyone the group wants. A few suggestions would be a youth pastor, adult leader from youth group, or a parent.