Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Claim Your Campus?

Claim Your Campus is a Christ-centered prayer movement led by middle school and high school students. Students meet for prayer on their campus once a week with their peers to pray for their school. The mission of CYC is to see a prayer group every day at every middle school and high school in America. When at least 3 students a day at 5 days per week (15 students per campus) are praying on all 67,000 campuses, there will be over 1 million students united in prayer!

Who can participate?

It is for any student who wants to participate that is in middle school or high school. It is not a club but a movement led by students. There are student organizers (who lead 1 day a week) and student participants. There are also adult sponsors who help encourage students from behind the scenes.

When is a good time/place to meet?

Student campus prayer groups can meet on campus before, during (typically at lunch), or after school, outside of classroom instructional time. We recommend the same time and place each week to build consistency.  Students often use the hallway, the cafeteria, or have permission to use a classroom for their prayer group. We recommend thinking strategically about where you meet, deciding if it’s best to be public or private with your meeting place.

Is prayer legal at school?

Yes! One of the biggest myths is that prayer is outlawed on public school campuses. It is legally undisputed that students have a right to gather for prayer on their campus, as long as it’s not during class.

What do we do when we meet?

CYC provides a daily focus for your prayer time that will not only guide your time but also provide helpful information about prayer. You are provided a brief reading to prepare your group to pray that is read aloud.  Then you pray together either all together or in smaller groups depending on how many students are present. CYC has 4 prayer strategies to pray for on your campus: Grace, Peace, Justice, and Healing. Within each of these 4 strategies are 5 issues that affect your school. So each day you are guided through praying through a strategy into 1 of these issues. We recommend not taking time for personal prayer requests, but rather spending your time together praying corporately for issues affecting everyone on your campus.

How long does the CYC prayer group meet?

The typical weekly prayer group lasts around 15 minutes but can vary according to the group.

Can I join an existing CYC prayer group at my school?

Yes! Joining a group is easy on the CYC mobile app. The vision is for weekly prayer groups to continue inviting other students and growing in number.

Do we have to be a part of a church or campus ministry to be involved in CYC?

No. You will be asked on the app if you are involved in a church or campus ministry, but it is not by any means required. Any student may join.

How do we inform parents about CYC?

We recommend pointing your parents to the Claim Your Campus web site. Let your parents know that you are meeting with friends at school to pray for your school, and that they can learn more either on the web site or through the mobile app.

Are adults involved?

CYC is student-led and adult-encouraged. We recommend to students to invite trusting, caring adults to help encourage and motivate them to be meeting on their campus. Adults play a behind-the-scenes type of role but are important to help sustain the students as they continue to meet weekly for prayer.

Who do we pray to?

CYC is Christ-centered. Our statement of beliefs is found on our web site.

Do we need to use the app to be involved in the CYC?

No. The app is not absolutely necessary to use, however it is very helpful and provides guidance during the prayer groups.

How should we advertise CYC on our campus?

Word of mouth is the best and most effective way of growing your prayer groups. We recommend not trying to “advertise” through posters, announcements, etc. or even to be recognized as a “club” or official group at your school. Doing this can provide unwanted complications and is not effective. Students personally inviting is the #1 way to see more students get involved in praying for their school.

What do I do if my school isn't found on the app?

If your school isn’t showing up after you’ve entered the city, first try nearby cities or townships, schools are sometimes listed in an area we wouldn’t expect.  If that still doesn’t bring up your school, send us an email to with the full school name, city, and state and we will get the school added within 2 business days of the request.

When I order a CYC Connect+ package how do I get the downloadable files?

The files will be available on your first confirmation email from Claim Your Campus.


When you click the download link, it will download a Google Drive folder.  In order to access the files, you will need to have a Google login (a Gmail address works).  From there you will be able to access all of the great content available through CYC Connect+!