Campus Prayer App

Getting Started in the App

the App

Head over to your App Store and download the Campus Prayer App.  It is available on both Android and Apple products.

Select Your Grad Year

Scroll through the years and select the year you're going to graduate.  Yes, even the adults can do this part!

Find Your

Type in the name of your school and hit search.  Find your school in the list and select it.*

Complete Your

Before you move on to check out the rest of the app and pray, be sure to complete your profile to unlock the full potential of the Campus Prayer App for your school.

*If your school is not found, first make sure everything is spelled correctly, if it is still missing, email us and let us know the full school name, city, and state.

Getting to Know the App


The Campus Prayer App is designed to lead you through a 15-minute prayer time for your school.  The prayer time includes a short devotional, a specific area to focus your prayer on, and prayer prompts to guide you through.  Each day your group will end with a challenge for the rest of the day.


Getting other people to join you in prayer for your school is a cornerstone of how CYC was designed.  When we're surrounded by like-minded people we're more encouraged and driven to see things through.


The Campus Prayer App is full of features that will help you as you claim your campus, here are a few: Featured Pages, 21 Days of Prayer, Stories, News.