The mission of Claim Your Campus is to call, train, and sustain 1 million students to pray weekly at every middle and high school in America. There are two ways you can join the movement:
Prayer Groups and Prayer Walks!

Prayer Groups

A CYC prayer group looks like middle and high schoolers gathering with friends in their school once a week for a 15-minute time of prayer, asking God for change on their campus!

Get the App

The app will lead you through the prayer time

Invite Friends

Find a couple friends and pick a time to meet

Pray for Change

Meet consistently and ask God to change your school

Prayer Walks

Students and adults are setting aside 20+ minutes to physically walk around the outside of a school and pray for Grace, Peace, Justice, and Mercy, using the CYC Prayer Walk Guide.

Prayer Walk Anytime

Everything you need to organize and/or participate in a prayer walk at a local school!

National Prayer Walk Event

Participate in an annual event this September to kickstart prayer for schools in your community!

Does Your School Need Change?

What would it look like to have one million students praying for the issues in our schools?  Could we actually experience freedom, healing, and forgiveness?

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A School Campus

The most influential place in society

Prayer Equals Change Stories

Students all over the country are praying for God to bring change to their campuses.  Watch how Marion High School experienced incredible change as three students consistently asked God to change their school.


Our Story

It started with eight high school students meeting weekly to pray in the largest public high school in the state of Michigan...

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Over the next few years, it slowly grew and spread to other local campuses throughout Grand Rapids. In 2009, their Youth Pastor, Geoff Eckart, felt the call of God to take the challenge of weekly prayer meetings to schools across America.

This challenge is simple: seeing a student-led prayer movement on every middle school and high school campus in America. With just 15 student leaders per campus at 67,000 campuses, this movement will mobilize over 1,000,000 students to pray!

Since its beginning, CYC has been presented to more than 250,000 students and trained more than 15,000 students to claim their campus through prayer.

Prayer Strategies

Students are praying for these things on the Claim Your Campus app every day!

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Here are some of the common questions we get from students.