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The mission of Claim Your Campus is to call, train, and sustain 1 million students to pray weekly at every middle and high school in America.
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How CYC Works

3 simple steps to bring change to your school

Get the App

The app will lead you through the prayer time

Invite Friends

Find a couple friends and pick a time to meet

Pray for Change

Meet consistently and ask God to change your school

Does Your School Need Change?

What would it look like to have one million students praying for the issues in our schools?  Could we actually experience freedom, healing, and forgiveness?

Over the Years...

Claim Your Campus has seen students across the nation take responsibility for the issues at their schools by humbly praying to God on behalf of their campus and their peers.

Prayer Equals Change Stories

Students all over the country are praying for God to bring change to their campuses.  Watch how Marion High School experienced incredible change as three students consistently asked God to change their school.



A School Campus

The most influential place in society

Prayer Strategies


Titus 2:11
For the grace of God has been revealed,
bringing salvation to all people.


Compassionate Christ Followers


Increasing Prayer for Schools


Authentic Christ Followers


Students Sharing The Gospel


Unity Among Christ Followers


Hebrews 12:14
Pursue peace with everyone and holiness
without it, no one will see the Lord.


Kindness Between Students


Racial Equality


End To Gossip


End To Bullying


Respect Toward School Staff


Psalm 37:28
For the Lord loves justice and will
not abandon His faithful ones.


Guidance For School Staff


Positive Educational Environment


Protection For Schools


Physical Health


End To Suicide


Lamentations 3:22
Because of the Lord's faithful love we
do not perish, for His mercies never end.


Freedom From Depression


Freedom From Abuse


Freedom From Substance Abuse


Freedom From Addictions


Freedom From Worry

Our Story

It started with eight high school students, meeting weekly to pray, in the largest public high school in the state of Michigan.

Over the next few years, it slowly grew and spread to other local campuses throughout Grand Rapids. In 2009, their youth pastor, Jeff Eckart, felt the call of God to take the challenge of weekly prayer meetings to schools across America.

This challenge is simple: seeing a student-led prayer movement on every middle school and high school campus in America. With just 15 student leaders per campus growing the movement (three students/day for five days/week) and 67,000 campuses, this movement will enable over 1,000,000 students in prayer!

Since then, CYC has been presented to more than 250,000 students and trained more than 15,000 students to claim their campus through prayer.


Here are some of the common questions
we get from students.

How do I start a weekly prayer group? + -

Invite students who show up to your prayer walk and other classmates to pray with you weekly at your school! Then Download the Claim Your Campus app, choose a day and time to meet, and show up every week to pray for your school!

Who can participate? + -

CYC is for any student who wants to participate that is in middle school or high school. It is not a club but a movement led by students. There are student organizers (who lead 1 day a week) and student participants. There are also adult sponsors who help encourage students from behind the scenes.

When and where should we meet? + -

Student campus prayer groups can meet on campus before, during (typically at lunch), or after school, outside of classroom instructional time. We recommend the same time and place each week to build consistency.  Students often use the hallway, the cafeteria, or have permission to use a classroom for their prayer group. We recommend thinking strategically about where you meet, deciding if it’s best to be public or private with your meeting place.

What do we do when we meet? + -

CYC provides a daily focus for your prayer time that will not only guide your time but also provide helpful information about prayer. You are provided a brief reading to prepare your group to pray that is read aloud.  Then you pray together either all together or in smaller groups depending on how many students are present. CYC has 4 prayer strategies to pray for on your campus: Grace, Peace, Justice, and Mercy. Within each of these 4 strategies are 5 issues that affect your school. So each day you are guided through praying through a strategy into 1 of these issues. We recommend not taking time for personal prayer requests, but rather spending your time together praying corporately for issues affecting everyone on your campus.

How long does CYC take? + -

The typical weekly prayer group lasts around 15 minutes but can vary according to the group.

Is prayer legal at school? + -

Yes! One of the biggest myths is that prayer is outlawed on public school campuses. It is legally undisputed that students have a right to gather for prayer on their campus, as long as it’s not during class.

Here is a great resource from the US Department of Education.

Another great resource from the Federal Register, a US Government Journal

Are adults involved? + -

CYC is student-led and adult-encouraged. We recommend that students invite trusting, caring adults to help encourage and motivate them to be meeting on their campus. Adults play a behind-the-scenes type of role but are important to help sustain the students as they continue to meet weekly for prayer.

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