Support schools on the outside while students are praying on the inside

Prayer Walk Guides

Download a Prayer Walk Guide for directions on how and where to prayer walk at a school! There are prayer points and walking instructions for you to spend 15+ minutes in prayer on your own or in a group.

Students, adults, teachers, and mobilizers can use this Guide individually or for a group!

We recommend parents with kids 12 and younger use this guide together!

Have more questions about how to get involved?  Contact us.


Students, adults, and churches who want to support schools and unite Christians in their community to prayer walk local middle and high schools.

When & Where:

Saturdays, September 21 & 28, 2024

at a local middle and/or high school in your area!


Use our Prayer Walk Guide and watch our tutorial video (above) for more direction on how to lead or participate in a prayer walk.


September 21st and 28th surround an important day of prayer on September 25: See You At The Pole! Let’s rally behind a day of student-led prayer all over the world by preparing and blessing schools with a powerful prayer walk.

Make Your Walk Count:

Take 1 minute to share about your prayer walk!

Post your prayer walk! Tag @claimyourcampus and #prayerwalkproject


Here are some of the common questions
we get from students.

How CYC Works

3 simple steps to bring change to your school

Get the App

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Invite Friends

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Pray for Change

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