Prayer Walk Project



What is a Prayer Walk Mobilizer?

A Prayer Walk Mobilizer is a CYC representative who organizes prayer walks on every middle and high school in their city. Using the Guide as a foundational template, complete and track progress for the timeline chosen.

Organizing Prayer Walks

This includes choosing dates and times, inviting local churches, schools, students, and teachers to participate, and mobilizing other parents to join you or simultaneously prayer walk other schools.


Our goal in 2023 is for Mobilizers to focus their efforts on the weeks surrounding National Day of Prayer and See You At The Pole. If these dates do not work for you, there are optional mobilization levels below for your personalized timeline!

Prayer walk week for the National Day of Prayer (May 4th) is April 29th through May 7th. Prayer walk week for See You At the Pole (September 27th) is Sept 23rd through Sept 30th.
Choose the day(s) that work best for your city.


➔ Prayer Walk Guide

➔ Prayer Mobilizer Package
(Includes CYC T-shirt, stickers, and printable flyers)

➔ City and State specific page on the CYC website

Tracking Prayer Walks

Claim Your Campus will provide each Mobilizer with a list of schools in their area. After a prayer walk is completed, the Mobilizer is responsible for checking the schools off the list.

Optional Mobilization Levels

City Level A: 1-50 Schools
➔ 1 Semester
➔ 1+ Mobilizer

City Level B: 51-100 Schools
➔ 1-3 Semesters
➔ 1-3 Mobilizers

City Level C: 100+ Schools
➔ 1-4 Semesters
➔ 1-4 Mobilizers

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