3 Simple Steps

Students, if you want to see God move powerfully in your school or want to kickstart a weekly prayer group, organize a prayer walk! Download our Prayer Guide below and follow these steps.

Let us know when and where you are praying! We want to encourage you and send you everything you’ll need.

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Use the Prayer Guide (below). Invite your classmates, team members, and adults from your community who would want to come out and support!

Prayer Walk Guides

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Students, adults, teachers, and mobilizers can use this Guide individually or for a group!

We recommend parents with kids 12 and younger use this guide together!

Have more questions about how to get involved?  Contact us.

The Prayer Walk Project is mobilizing students and adults to organize prayer walks on every middle and high school campus in all 50 capital cities.


Here are some of the common questions
we get from students.

What does a prayer walk for my school look like? + -

Download our Prayer Walk Guide and read through the instructions. You gather your friends/group at the front of your school to get started. Then read the prompts and pray out loud together. Then you can walk around the school, most likely on the sidewalk surrounding your school, praying silently or out loud. After circling the entire school, stop at your starting place to read and pray the final prompts out loud!

Who do I invite to my prayer walk? + -

Invite your classmates, friends from youth group, pastor, parents, teachers, or mentors! We encourage you to invite at least 2-3 people to walk with you.

Do I need to talk to my school before my prayer walk? + -

Be respectful to your school as you plan your prayer walk. It is legal for students to lead prayer on school campuses but not for staff members. If you walk after school hours or on the weekend, it is okay for you to pray! If your school asks you not to be on school grounds, respectfully pray on the public sidewalks / parking lots around your school!

How do I start a weekly prayer group? + -

Invite students who show up to your prayer walk and other classmates to pray with you weekly at your school! Then Download the Claim Your Campus app, choose a day and time to meet, and show up every week to pray for your school!

Is prayer legal at school? + -

Yes! One of the biggest myths is that prayer is outlawed on public school campuses. It is legally undisputed that students have a right to gather for prayer on their campus, as long as it’s not during class.

Here is a great resource from the US Department of Education.

Another great resource from the Federal Register, a US Government Journal

How CYC Works

3 simple steps to bring change to your school

Get the App

The app will lead you through the prayer time

Invite Friends

Find a couple friends and pick a time to meet

Pray for Change

Meet consistently and ask God to change your school