Read the LISTEN. section out loud to your group. Then divide up the prayer points in the THANK. section and have each person pray out loud. Do the same for the ASK. section.

The prompts below change on Mondays.


What is God saying to you
through His Word?

READ the Listen page out loud to your group. REFLECT and discuss what stands out to you. Then DIVIDE up the prayer points on the Thank page and have each person PRAY out loud. Do the same for the Ask page!

Psalm 140:7 says “Lord, my Lord, my strong Savior, you shield my head on the day of battle.”

Sometimes in the Bible we see God's people taken captive and given over to the hands of their enemies because God had a greater purpose in mind. At the same time, we see God protect His people over and over in miraculous ways! He stopped enemies with fire from heaven, blindness, earthquakes, and a few stones in a slingshot to take down a giant. Take time today to ask God for miraculous protection over your school. Ask Him to put an end to violence and that students would find their ultimate eternal protection in His saving love!


Thank God for: Justice

• His protection in our school.
• Being able to trust Him to watch over us.


Protection For Schools

…in our school.
…in our nation.
…in our generation."


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The Claim Your Campus App is designed to lead you through a 15-minute prayer time for your school.  The prayer time includes a time to Listen, Thank, and Ask.  Each day you will read through a section of Scripture, Thank God for something specific He is doing in your school, and Ask Him for help at your school and schools across the country.


The Stories section allows you to hear directly from students across the country who are doing Claim Your Campus at their schools.  Not only can you be encouraged by others, but you can also share what God is doing in your school and be an encouragement to others.


Getting other people to join you in prayer for your school is a cornerstone of how CYC was designed.  When we're surrounded by like-minded people we're more encouraged and driven to see things through.


The Claim Your Campus App is full of features that will help you as you pray for your school; here are a few: Social Media links to our Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube pages, as well as News and Updates.