Taylor Steele

Coordinator of Mobilization and Student Engagement

Taylor is from Atalanta, Georgia and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in “Organizational Leadership”. When Taylor was a freshman in high school she got invited to the Claim Your Campus National Student Council and not long after that started leading prayer groups at her high school with several other freshmen girls. God moved in Taylor’s high school and eighty high schoolers ended up coming to pray for their school.

Fast forward to Taylor’s freshman year of college after one semester she took a break to move to Kansas City from Atlanta and was contracted to work for Claim Your Campus for six months. Taylor is currently living in Kansas City, going to school, finished up an internship with a youth ministry, and is excited to start working for Claim Your Campus in the fall.


A Message From Taylor

Donate to Taylor Using Code 606

In all of the ways to give below, please write the code "606" in the memo or notes area to designate the donation to Taylor Steele.

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Thank you for taking the time to read through this page. This ministry has impacted me in so many ways. I hope that you understand the purpose and heart behind my role a bit better. If you would like to, feel free to call me or text me on my cell phone: 757-376-4157 or you can email me as well at: taylor@claimyourcampus.com

I would love the opportunity to have a conversation on the phone, grab a coffee, or simply converse through email with you. Thank you for considering how you can partner with me in prayer or financially to help me reach my fundraising goal.