Student Promo Pack


Get this Student Promo Pack to rep Claim Your Campus and #prayerequals change everywhere around school.  You get a poster to put in or on your locker, 5 CYC stickers to put wherever you want, a wristband to spark conversations wherever you go, and super comfortable #prayerequalschange shirt (choose your size below).  All of this for only $25?  Yeah, that’s a great deal!

Students get this pack for yourself.

Parents grab one for your student.

Youth Pastors snag a few for the students you serve!

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Whether you’re just getting ready to get start CYC or you’ve been doing it since sixth grade, this bundle was created just for you!  The Student Promo Pack is an all-inclusive bundle of wares ready to help you rep the fact that #prayerequalschange.  You’re getting the super comfortable #prayerequalschange shirt, 5 CYC stickers to put everywhere and anywhere (without being a vandal), a bold and encouraging locker poster that will remind you of God’s desire for prayer, and CYC wristband to remind you daily that #prayerequalschange!

You get all of this for just $25!

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